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Track your shipment

We ship with multiple companies and tracking your shipment, container or RO-RO, is available on the respective company's website. Each company's logo below gives you access to the tracking page for that company and this is where you can track your shipment, so please click on the logo of the company used for your shipment to track that shipment, but before proceeding to the company's tracking page make sure you read the instructions on how to track your shipment. To track a container, use the container number which is 11 characters long i.e. 4 letters and 7 digits.

Note!! All dates shown are estimated dates and are subject to change without notice.

For questions on tracking your container or RO-RO, please contact us immediately.

When you get to the MSC Tracking page, select the proper search by option "Container or Bill of Lading" or "Booking Number", enter the document number in the field provided, then click on "Search."
On the ACL page, look at the left for the heading "Track Cargo," select how you want to track your cargo i.e. by Shipment Number or Container Number, enter the number in the field provided and click "Track It!" If your shipment is going to West Africa, track the shipment here
When you get to the page linked to the Maersk logo, scroll down till you get to the area with a blue background. Under Track Shipment, choose how you want to track your shipment, by Container Number, Document Number or Booking Number, enter the corresponding number in the field provided, then click on the "Track" button
To track ZIM shipment, look at the right column on the ZIM landing page for the heading "Trace Shipment" the select the correct tab i.e. B/L (Bill of Lading) Number, Booking Number or Cntr (Container) Number, enter the number(s), up to 5 numbers, then "Find"