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Our Services
Full Container Load Services

Bonaberi Shipping offers full container load ocean freight services from just about every exit port or rail ramp point in the Continental United States to almost every major point in the world. Our services are unmatched by any one and our offices can provide you with instantaneous quotes over the phone or if you prfer, visit the quote page to request your quote. Door pick-ups and door deliveries or other special services may require extra time.

Roll On Roll Off ( RO-RO ) SHIPPING

RO-RO is used for shipping wheeled cargo, which is driven on and off the vessel. RO-RO ocean freight service is appropriate for shipping cars, trucks, trailers, railway carriages etc. However it can be used for any other standard and oversized wheeled cargo such as cranes, boats on trailers, excavators etc. In order to get a price quote on RO-RO shipment visit the quote page

  • You with household goods & personal effects are or target market. Because we pool large volume of traffic, we can enable you to compete with volume players.
  • Bonaberi Shipping offers personalized service. We know our clients individual need and markets as a result offering them extra services
  • Bonaberi Shipping is capable of performing inbound services from select overseas ports. To obtain inbound pricing send us an email
Car Shipping/Export by Container

Container car shipping service is mainly for those who wish to ship vehicles in a safe and enclosed environment. We offer high quality shipping of cars in containers at competitive prices. Our containers are designed and manufactured to transport cargo via ship, truck and rail. You can load or unload containers anywhere in the USA. Vehicles can either be exported in 20-foot containers, or in 40-foot containers combined with the owner's household goods. These are secured in the container by cables wrenches and straps that hold them in place. The greatest advantage of shipping your vehicle in a container is security as it ensures that your vehicle would not be dented and scratched during loading and unloading or knocked about during the sea trip. At the same time, sealed containers eliminate the risk of having your car stereo and other accessories stolen. If you plan to ship spare parts with your vehicle, the only good option is by containers. RO-RO car shipping is the simplest and cheapest method. It offers many advantages. If you look at the process of loading and unloading the vehicles, the RO-RO method makes a lot of sense. The car is simply driven in and off the vessel. Hence, roll on-roll off. Indeed it is faster compared to containers in terms of loading and unloading time. This Method simply involves the driving of vehicle or vehicles into the lower decks of large RO-RO ships and is therefore cheaper than the container method of shipping. Please note that not all countries have facilities for unloading this sort of ships in their docks and it's therefore worth enquiring with us first.

BONABERI SHIPPING IN THE USA is one of the leading specialists in organizing, handling, and shipping of cargo i.e. vehicles and personal items from the USA. We have a team of experienced and dedicated shipping staff, fully trained in the specifics of international car shipping. We have earned a well-merited reputation as successful Shipping Agents representing ship operators in the USA. BONABERI Shipping company offer International Export services for cars, Bulldozers, trucks, Caterpillars, SUV's, Buses and Vans from the USA to oversea locations. Your cargo can either be shipped on RO-RO vessel or Container. Whether you wish to deliver the vehicle to the port of export or if you would prefer us to collect your vehicle from your door on a fully insured car transporter we can meet all your logistical needs. We realize that relocation and moving vehicle or personal items can be a complicated experience, which is why we strive to make the process as painless as possible. With no obligation, receive a free instant quote by contacting us by telephone (240)-393-4563 or filling out the easy to use Request a Quote Form.