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Shipping to Liberia

We offer overseas price to Liberia that is affordable, trusting that your possessions will get to its international destination swiftly, safely and securely. All vehicles are securely braced and tied down ensuring absolute security during shipping to Liberia . You can also ship any personal effects inside the vehicle. We provide Full Container Load (FCL) services to South Liberia as well.

Ro-Ro is the Simplest and cheapest method of shipping to Liberia . Cars are driven directly into the Ro-Ro vessel and secured to the car decks. Wrenching and bracing of cars securely inside the vessel protects it against wind and watertight. We are experts in preparing and exporting Bulldozers, Boats, Caterpillars, Dump trucks, Buses, and over seize equipment.

Our overseas transportation service caters for a massive number of units per shipment. For more information about our international shipping procedures, regulations regarding exporting from the U.S and importing into Liberia , contact us. We can collect your shipment from any U.S location and deliver to any mainland port for export to Liberia .

We have the experience to ensure that your export requirements to Liberia are dealt with in a professional manner. BONABERI Shipping is used by private individuals, car dealers, governments and none governmental Organization, and other car transport companies to assist with their transportation requirements.

We are your Personal Car Shipping Company in the U.S. We are located at one of U.S's busiest car shipping ports and have a decade of experience in the freight forwarding business.

Let BONABERI Shipping Company takes the strain of shipping your vehicle. We can take care of collecting, handling, packing, and loading, paperwork, insurance and shipping of your vehicle or container. For a free none obligation quote please call or e-mail us.

If you want to locate a shipping company that provides overseas shipping services to Liberia , you and your Shipment have come to the right place. Our Shipping service is designed to suit your specific need. BONABERI Shipping has a network with all major U.S ports making us your suitable choice for shipping from the US. Through our network, BONABERI Shipping has now remained at the heart of the U.S shipping industry. We are fast becoming renown within the industry as being the name to trust for shipping from the US.

Our customers can rely on innovative transportation services to all key areas around Liberia. We pride ourselves on service, safety, reliability and cost-effective ocean transportation to our customers.

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